Emergency Home Made Water Heater – Ran Out Of Propane

So we ran out of propane and even though Tinder Light is doing good, we still po folk. Filling a propane tank is nearly $600, $300 minimum. I decided to get creative before my family completely falls apart.

Our house was outfitted with propane wall burners in every room so there was a lot of flexible copper tubing running all over. When we moved in I disabled all of those wall heaters because I just dont feel safe with them. For one they are an extreme fire risk and two, the gas lines everywhere was too much risk for a leak.

I was able to salvage about 40 feet of tubing. I coiled it up around a 5 gallon bucket and used all of the gas valves and fittings to make an inlet and outlet. I built a makeshift wood stove on the back patio and suspended the coil above the fire pit. I used a hose as my water supply and the outlet from the coil leads directly into the hot water lines.

This has been a very dangerous venture as the water that gets heated in the coils was so hot at first that it melted my cpvc connections and sprayed scalding hot water within inches of me. Twice.