Last Chance Survival Knife

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  • LAST CHANCE SURVIVAL KNIFE – Thin compact and extremely lightweight strong high carbon full tang razor sharp blade Leather sheath Phillips and flat head screwdriver at butt end – Saw blade – String cutter/Ferro Striker – adjustable paracord finger lanyard – Mini Flint/Ferro Rod Wand Use the saw blade to gently saw the mini ferro rod for hundreds of strikes.
  • Includes two pieces of char cloth in a waterproof package and a waxwood mini flint tinder stick
  • FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY 100% Satisfaction Guarantee If anything ever breaks or if it becomes dull, just send it back (sandwiched between duct tape) in a one stamp envelope for a free replacement, no questions asked as long as I may live. Hand Made in USA See below for details
  • Fire Starting & Survival Tips Included

Product is improving daily. Sizes shapes and features will vary slightly.

Knives are handmade.


Length of paracord lanyard: Approx10 inches (fully extended)

Real Leather reinforced sheath

Fire Starting & Survival Tips Included

Technical Details


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