Tinder Light 8 Pack of Premium Char Cloth

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Char Cloth Emergency – Primitive Fire Starter

Lightweight – Compact – Easy to use
This premium char cloth is cooked just right. It will not break when handled. Burns slow, extremely hot and even.
  • Worlds Lightest Emergency Fire Starter – Great for your Bug Out Bag or Hiking Pack
  • Slow burning – High heat – Super lightweight compact and durable
If you’re a hiker, camper, backpacker, mountain climber, prepper, survivalist, or adventurer char cloth is essential for your bug out bag, backpack.
A must have for any camping kit, hiking pack, BOB – B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag), emergency pack or survival kit, EDC or Every Day Carry bag, boy scouts, civil war reenactments, long journeys and expeditions. Keep one in the glove box too!
Always have char cloth on hand just in case your modern fire starting methods fail!

There are many ways to ignite char cloth. You can use: 

  • sparks from jumper cables
  • a dead lighter
  • steel wool and a cell phone battery
  • flint and steel

And many more methods! If you know how to start a fire, it only takes one sheet of char cloth and one (good) spark. 


Familiarize yourself with proper primitive fire making techniques as well as modern fire making methods.

Buy Char Cloth made and packaged in USA only!


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